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“Public Relations is a key component of any operation in this day of instant communications and rightly inquisitive citizens.”

Alvin Adams

Public Relations is everywhere today. It is a practice that has become an important aspect of any business venture. Whether an organization is not for profit, for profit, or governmental, they still need and desire to communicate their purpose within the community and public relations allows this to happen.

Today, Public Relations is a distinctive management function which helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communications, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between the organization and its publics.

Each public plays a key role in the PR of the organization. There are several publics in which the PR must correspond with and each requires a different means of communication.

PR activities includes Internal Publics within the organizations such employees and External Publics that are directly connected to the organization such as the press, government, educators, customers, suppliers, and the community.

Each public plays a key role in the PR of the organization. The many functions of PR can also be categorized based on what purpose they serve the organization.

There is a fundamental difference between the functions of Public Relations and the functions of marketing and advertising. Marketing and advertising promote an individual product or service. Public Relations promotes an entire organization There are several functions of Public Relations and they can be categorized into organizational and societal functions. Some of the organizational functions of PR are: Media Relations; Employee Relations; and Community Relations.

Media Relations is an intrinsic part of PR that directly works with the press. PR provides a channel of communication from the company to the media. This allows the press to publicize the organization in the best possible light to improve the brand image of the company with the public.

Employee Relations deals with the internal publics of the organization. The managers and employees who work for the firm are provided with current information on policies that affect their well-being and the future of the organization. Again PR promotes good will between the organization and those that it employs.

Community Relations positively reinforces the organization’s message and image within the community. This promotes the organization as a positive performer and a valuable member of the community.


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